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В каком городе Узбекистана вам понравилось больше всего?
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Название: Республика Узбекистан
Короткое название: Узбекистан
Граждане: Узбекистанцы
Столица: Ташкент
День Независимости: 1 сентября 1991г.
Area: 447,400 км2
Время: GMT+5
Топография: Two-third of the territory is flat; the Tian Shan and Pamir-Alai mountain ranges dominate in the South and East; the biggest rivers are the Syr-Darya (2212 km) and the Amu-Darya (1415 km).
Климат: Continental, hot summer; humidity is low.
Население: 24.6 million people by 2000; growth rate is 1.4% a year; 40% of population is urban, 80% rural. About 100 nations live in Uzbekistan, 80% of population are Uzbeks.
Язык: Uzbek - official language, but Russian is still widely used.
Религия: Muslim (mostly Sunni) 80%; all kinds of faiths are also represented.
Образование: Compulsory up to sixteen years; there are 60 active higher educational institutions.
Major industries: Textiles, food processing, machine building, metallurgy, natural gas, cotton, vegetables, fruits, grain, livestock.
Основные торговые партнеры: Россия, Украина, Европа, СНГ, Республика Чехии.
Валюта: Узбекский сум (UZS).
Экология: Water is the main environmental problem alongside with shrinking of the Aral Sea.
Здоровье: Health care is generally free of charge; some efficient private practices have been introduced recently.
Культура: Land of ancient and rich culture with lots of historical monuments, traditional handicrafts and an enormous variety of foods.
Самые посещаемые города: Самарканд, Бухара, Хива, Ташкент и Ферганская долина.

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